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Balochistan HEC Scholarship For First-Year College Students

Balochistan HEC Scholarship For First-Year College Students

Balochistan HEC Scholarship For First-Year College Students, Scholarship for Balochistan HEC Excellent details about HEC Scholarships for Pakistani college students have been made public.

HEC has added a grant program for college students who are ready to stop taking classes and get a scholarship for next year. There is important knowledge for them to get more out of their research after that.

With the start of the HEC scholarship program, students can now try to get government grants in Pakistan. It is the right of college students who want the scholarship, meet the standards, and are sure they will get it to exercise their rights.

New Information About the Balochistan HEC Scholarship 2023

To sign up for this program and be able to get the scholarship. The process has been streamlined to make it as easy as possible for any student to post their records and wait for the Balochistan HEC grant.

Therefore, HEC has made the process very simple based on the Government of Pakistan’s suggestion so that he can get his scholarship without any problems. That information can be found on the Government website, along with instructions on how to apply for your grant.

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Conditions for getting a Balochistan HEC scholarship:

Yes, we can tell you what you need to do if you want to be considered for the grant but aren’t sure what they are.

You can go ahead and register if you are qualified. You will also be able to use the grant to pay for your school costs and get a monthly stipend.

  • The person applying must have proof that they live in Gwadar, Lasbela/Hub, Kech (Torbat), or the Balochistan region of Awaran.
  • The applicant has done better than the requirements for each Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC), or something similar.
  • Go to school for 12 years and get at least 50% on your tests.
  • The applicant has at least an SSC or HSSC pass from a college or school in any Balochistan district.
  • Gwadar, Lasbilah/Hab, Kech (Turbat), and Awaran are all done.
  • Students who have been accepted into any BS program for no more than one academic year or term can also apply for an internship.
  • The applicant’s age shouldn’t be more than 22 years old by the last date.
  • Applicants who are already getting a different HEC or government grant cannot apply again.
  • Candidates must meet the requirements for admission through HEC and the relevant university.
  • Students who are looking forward to their effects can’t apply.
  • Note of importance
  • According to PC-I, scholarships will be given out based only on merit and area quota.
  • The shortlist of applicants will be made based on their academic qualifications and scores on an aptitude test given by HEC.
  • For applicants to be considered, they must have scored at least 50% on the HEC test.
  • There will be a scholarship benefit list made based only on the online information candidates give, and if there is any misrepresentation or omission, the scholarship will be canceled at any time.
Balochistan HEC Scholarship For First-Year College Students

How to Fill Out

  • People who want to apply want to post online jobs on the HEC website. Here’s where to apply: https://scholarships.hec.gov.pk
  • Different kinds of paperwork and applications no longer need to be sent in hard copy.
  • It costs Rs. 500/- to make payments at Habib Bank Limited. The account number is 1742 7900 1334 01 and the branch code is 1742. The account title is Higher Education Commission. Please send the original bank fee record or slip along with your online application and keep it safe with the help of the applicant.
  • Bring it with you to the test place. Before taking the test, no one can sit down unless they can show their real bank credit slip.
  • The candidate should submit the online application after filling out the application form.
  • No longer will secure and incomplete goals be taken into account in any way.
  • vi HEC has the right to delay or stop the scholarship process at any time, without giving a reason.
  • due date
  • The last day to submit an online application is November 30, 2023.

Due date:

On-line applications must be turned in by November 30, 2023.

  • People who are applying should check their emails and the HEC website often for news and information about how to apply.
  • Before the due date, we need your help in case anything goes wrong.

How to Get in Touch:

Visit the HEC website at http://hec.gov.pk/site/CRHES for more important information.

Note: If you need help, please call the HEC Secretariat in Islamabad or the HEC Regional Center in Quetta.

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The HEC Regional Center in Quetta:

  • This is House No. 61-A in the Chaman Housing Scheme on Airport Road in Quetta.
  • Call +92-81-9201791
  • Higher Education in the Coastal Area.

Scholarship Program for the Project in Balochistan

  • Manager of the Higher Education Commission’s Human Resource Development (HRD) Division, located at H-9, Islamabad.
  • Tel: 051-111-119-432
  • The website is http://hec.gov.pk/site/CRHES.

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