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Get US Scholarship For Karachi University Students 2023

Get US Scholarship For Karachi University Students 2023

Get US Scholarship For Karachi University New Information for Karachi University Students in 2023. WAR ANGST: The University of Karachi and the University of Karachi Alumni Association, Houston, Texas (UKAHA) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to give college students in the US need-based grants. Get US Scholarship For Karachi University

The scholarships will be given to deserving college students from Karachi University who are doing their first year of study in the US. The grants will cover all of the costs of school and living. The college will also help students by mentoring them and teaching them.

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Karachi University Students Will Get Scholarships to Go to the US

Students in computer science, global relations, economics, psychology, mass communication, chemistry, statistics, math, and computer science will be able to get money through the software for two months.

The “UKAHA Academic Achievement Award” was signed by UKAHA Houston President Muhammad Azam Akhtar and University of the Kingdom Vice-Chancellor Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi. Along with classes, the program will also give students the chance to go to seminars, workshops, and gatherings. Students will also have the chance to do internships through the college. Get US Scholarship For Karachi University Students:

News from Karachi University for 2023-24

In his speech at the event, the vice chancellor praised the alumni community for its support of the school and its role in helping students. In addition, the school has set up a job placement service to help students find work after they finish.

It is also possible for students to get magazines online, which gives them more freedom and flexibility.” Our students are becoming normal all over the world because they have so much potential,” he said. They always keep their eye on their college and are always willing to help students from other areas.

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Scholarship Payments in the US Went UP

Due to inflation and growing housing costs, the UKAHA raised the annual financial aid from Rs 500,000 to Rs one million as part of the 2019 agreement. We think this is important to note. The college also gives students a variety of grants and other financial aid to help them pay for their studies.

An extra program run by the school to help students with their career development is a mentorship program. Speaking at the event, UKAHA Houston President Akhtar told the students that the alumni body would be there for them and thanked the teachers and the school for helping them do well. The grants will be given out based only on academic achievement and financial need. In addition, the college will offer career guidance and help with finding work. Get US Scholarship For Karachi University Students:

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