Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
Motorway Police Has Announced Increase Fines 2024

Motorway Police Has Announced Increase Fines 2024

Motorway Police has announced increase fines 2024. Efforts are underway to ensure road safety and strict enforcement of the rules laid down by the traffic police. The National Highways and Motorway Police have announced a massive increase in fines for violators of various rules.

The main purpose of increasing this penalty is to prevent the negligence of the driver and to make the road safer and other vehicles safer. So that those who violate the law should keep in mind that the penalty has now increased and drive carefully according to the law and follow the rules given by the highway police.

A significant fine that is under the purview of NHMP is Highway Intensity Discharge HD Means HD People who install HD lights on their vehicles will now have to pay a fine of Rs 1700. It used to be Rs.

It has been increased by a staggering Rs.2 thousand.300. This is especially true for those who frequently violate the highway police and highway laws, especially by using blinding headlights, which can result in heavy fines.

Substantial Penalties

In a dangerous update, those who violate the motorcycle law will now have to pay a hefty fine of Rs 1,000. Now the fine of Rs 300 has been increased to Rs 1000 for driving without a helmet and now he will pay a fine of Rs 1000.

If he is riding a bike without a helmet, he will pay a fine of 1000 rupees. The fine has been increased to enforce the dangerous changes of the Motorway Police. 200 To uphold and highlight the importance of protective gear for two-wheeler riders.

If you have more than two passengers on the bike, you will have to pay Rs.5,000 in addition to the previous Rs. may cause, hence this penalty has been increased. So that people and passengers can travel on the road carefully and make the lives of others safe as well as their own lives. Motorway Police Has Announced Increase Fines:

Hefty Fines for Over-speeding: Motorcycles

Hefty Fines for Over-speeding: Motorcycles – Rs. 1,500, Cars – Rs. 2,500, Passenger Vehicles – Rs. 10,000, Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTVs) – Rs. 5,000. These increased fines aim to convey a strong message to all road users about the serious consequences of violating speed limits, showcasing the NHMP’s commitment to reducing accidents and ensuring safer roads.

With the implementation of these new fines, all motorists need to familiarize themselves with the updated regulations to avoid penalties. This collective effort contributes to creating a secure and orderly traffic system on national highways and motorways. Motorway Police Has Announced Increase Fines:

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