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Nayee Zindagi Program Registration Process New Update 2024

Nayee Zindagi Program Registration Process

The Nayee Zindagi program is designed for people who are affected by acid attacks. Giving financial assistance to individuals. Apart from this, the Social Protection Authority in Punjab is helping to provide social security to the weaker sections in Punjab.

Apart from this, many programs that create a new life for poor people such as the help of poor wives, guardian programs for orphans, effort programs and these programs have been started for women’s income. Therefore, poor women can get their registration for this program, keeping this in mind. 

The government of Pakistan started a program called Punjab Social Protection Authority, People who bear the expenses of PSPA are being helped rapidly like the Ehsaas program. The purpose of creating this program is to provide psychological counseling to improve human life and provide social security.

So that the life of the poor, this rehabilitation program improves the life of man. It can also improve health and quality and reduce health use. 

This program provides financial and legal assistance to the victims of acid attacks. Nayee Zindagi Program:

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Nayee Zindagi Program Registration Process Latest Update 2024

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Nayee Zindagi Registration Process

As much help as possible is being given from this program. Therefore, poor people should ensure their registration as soon as possible so that they can also take full advantage of this program. Enrollment in this program is designed for the following purposes. which are as follows,

  • To provide medical and social protection to acid attack victims.
  • Apart from social security, acid attack victims should be protected for their rights. Apart from providing social security to the victims of acid attacks, it is also to improve their social expenses by enabling them to live.
  • The victims of the crime behind the acid-throwing crime should be financially assisted.
  • Self-employment and interest-free loans to increase income.

Punjab Social Protection Authority

Punjab Social Protection Authority is an autonomous body. The purpose of making it is to work to reduce poverty in the country of Pakistan. Apart from this, this program has been started to provide social security to poor people and to improve their quality of life.

Currently, the Punjab Social Protection Authority is giving financial assistance to many poor people in the country. This trend is mostly in Punjab because poverty is high in Punjab.

For this reason, it has a greater tendency to research the regulation of education and the labor market for the health and social security of children of poor people in Punjab and their special monitoring for social security.

In Pakistan, at least 730,085 people have been protected by the PSPA program, i.e. Zewar e Taleem for Persons with Disabilities and UCT plus the Break Clean Program for 67,059 persons with disabilities. Nayee Zindagi Program:

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Registration Process

Punjab Social Authority includes people whose mouth burns or any other natural disaster, if they visit the hospital, the doctor will treat them free of charge. Apart from this, many NGOs are fighting cases so that justice is given to every person.

He should not face any problems. Keeping this in mind, many NGOs should be included in its work. Apart from this, if there is any rash on your body, you should go to the hospital directly, you will be given full help. Nayee Zindagi Program.


Beneficiaries of the Nayee Zindagi Program receive the following benefits:

  • Free reconstructive surgery
  • Free psychological counseling
  • Financial assistance
  • Vocational training

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