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Online Apply For New Gas Connection Update 2024

Online Apply For New Gas Connection 2024

Online Apply For New Gas Connection 2023. If the Sui Nadarran gas network is available in front of your house and is operational then you can get the application form from your nearest regional office/sub-office/facility center and submit it along with the following documents.

  • Copy of Computerized Identity Card (Mandatory)
  • Copy of House Registry / Identity (Mandatory)
  • Copy of the electricity bill of the same household (preferably)
  • Copy of gas bill of neighbor/neighbor (preferably)
  • No domestic gas connection application fee.
  • The application form can also be downloaded from the following link.
  • Get your application receipt. This receipt can be used as a reference for processing your application.

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Where the Gas Line is not in Front of Your House

If there is no needle gas network in front of your house in your street then you have to get an application form for an extension of the gas network from your nearest regional office/sub-office/facility center. The form is also available at the following link.

Fill all the relevant fields of the application form correctly, clearly, and completely, and submit it along with the following documents to the nearest Regional Office / Sub Office / Customer Facilitation Center near your home.

  • Copy of National Identity Card
  • B. Proof of ownership of the property (registry or any other legal document etc.)

Home Survey

At this stage, the representative of the company will survey your home to prepare an analytical report for issuing a demand notice at your turn.

A company representative will prepare a house line plan at the time of the site visit to find out whether it is technically feasible to provide a gas supply. Online Apply For New Gas Connection:

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Issuance of Demand Notice

After the survey report and technical examination, you will be issued a demand notice.

Following is the table of security and service line dues for domestic gas connection.

  • Plot Measurement Service Line Dues Security Fee Total Balance
  • Upto 10 Marla Rs. 1,500 Rs. 4,500 Rs. 6,000
  • Above 10 Marla Rs. 3,000 Rs. 4,500 Rs. 7,500

Official Website

House line Installation

The completion and maintenance of the house line i.e. pipes, joints and all related fittings within the house is the responsibility of the user. In this regard, the user shall be bound to submit a certificate that all the fittings are free from any kind of defects

Deposit of Security (Deposit) and Service line Amount

Applicants can approach their nearest Regional Office/Sub-Office/Facility Center along with the following documents to get the Challan Form or Security/Service Line Amount Bill. Online Apply For New Gas Connection:

Signed Gas Sales Agreement

  • House line (gas pipe fitting inside the house) certificate
  • Copy of Computerized Identity Card

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Proof of Ownership of the Property (Registry or Any other Legal Document etc.)

Receipt issued by the bank for deposit of security amount and service line charges etc. is a supporting document and should be kept safe. A company representative can view the invoice at any time.

Gas Connection

  • You will be provided a gas connection on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The distribution department will lay service pipes at your connection point.
  • The distribution department will meter your property and issue a gas supply.

The First Bill

  • The first bill will be issued within 45 days of gas supply.
  • If you do not receive a gas bill within 45 days, contact your local regional office.


Pay a contractor or representative to get a gas connection in your turn. It is a waste of money and not morally or legally correct.

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