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Prime Minister Youth Phase-III Laptop Scheme Update 2024

Prime Minister Youth Phase-III Laptop Scheme 2024

Prime Minister Youth Phase-III Laptop The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced the Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme that the young students in the country of Pakistan who pay full attention to their studies and at the university level need a laptop and because of this inflation, some poor students cannot buy a laptop, so the government Given by Pakistan and ECNEC as the Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme.

In this, laptops will be given to more than 100,000 poor students in the country of Pakistan.

Apart from this, five lakh laptops have been distributed through an online system in public sector universities and technical colleges including federal and FATA colleges. 

All this information is given on the HEC website. If you want to know about it, go to the HEC website and all the information will be given to you.

This will lead to development in the country of Pakistan and at this time about 63% of the population in Pakistan are people under 30 years of age, so by giving laptops to educated people in the country, they improved their quality of life.

Because they can improve their future by working with laptops. At this time, the plan to create employment opportunities and provide laptops to the students has been released in full force. Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme:

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Prime Minister Youth Phase-III Laptop Scheme 2024


If you want to get a laptop from the government then we will give you the information to register for it. These laptops are mostly given at the university level because it is very important to use laptops at the university level.

If you want to register for this program, go to your CNIC number, mobile phone number, email address, and laptop website. Enter all this there because the data provided by you will be used for processing. Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme:

If the data is submitted wrongly, it can also lead to cancellation, so you should provide the original data. If any students face any problem while applying with the laptop scheme five then we should register their complaint with their cell phone and full reaction will be taken towards it. Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme:

Official Website of Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme

  • If you are successful then submit your new registration application.
  • The government has verified the records of the students at the university level to give laptops. Only after the records will they be given laptops.
  • Students are approved for the laptop scheme only for a few reasons. Which includes wrong educational scholarships wrong admission dates, misbehaving administrative issues, etc.
  • Students with this status mean students whose records will be provisional and final and admissible under the merit list process.
  • The government has also selected matriculation students to be given laptops.
  • The selection of some students is also done on the basis of the matriculation list, which means that the basic qualification applied to them will not be done on the basis of the examination.
  • Laptops have already been issued to the students, so if you are studying at the university level and want to get a laptop, please contact Sun at the focal point of the university.
  • At this time students have a chance to get a laptop if any student is expelled due to violation of the verification process or fake information, then the penitent who has waiting status is selected for the laptop award. Does not allow all laptop awards.
  • Being in the position of being taken means that those who are on the provisional matriculation list who are in the process of verification and failure are not considered eligible for this program.
  • Matric East means that the matric list of the student has not yet been processed, it is known that the university in which they have not prepared the provisional file of the university.

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I want to know if orphans who graduate are eligible to get a laptop.

Only those students who meet the criteria stated for Hakeem will be eligible, those who do not. follow this statement will not be registered in this program.

Could you please tell me which students are eligible for the laptop scheme?

All students can get their registration in any public sector HELMS on 30th June 2023 who meet the eligibility criteria they are qualified for and those who do not meet the criteria are disqualified.

How will I know if I am Selected or not?

Students can check their status online through this link https://laptop.pmyp.gov.pk/student_details.php

My status is disapproved. What does it mean?

Tomorrow you will be expelled from here if you present your academic record during the hearing of the focal of the university through treason and misbehavior etc. then you will be disqualified at that time.

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Can I enter my father’s CNIC at the time of registration?

Students are required to enter CNIC number, phone number, email address, and residential address during their registration, as the information provided by you is used for further processing, if you provide incorrect data, it will result in your cancellation. can also cause

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