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PTA Tax and Custom Duty for iPhone 15 Pro Max in Pakistan

PTA Tax and Custom Duty for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max in Pakistan – December 2023 Update

PTA Tax and Custom Duty for iPhone The device of Apple is expensive but it is very popular among people because of its design and its features, which are made very beautiful because of its design, and the latest model iPhone 15 is introduced with many features.

It has a better design and more features than the previous models, including a titanium body, UCBC port, and a more advanced operating system and top-notch chip. According to the latest update, the latest phones have been introduced with a 6.1-inch display with a Super Retina OLED XDR-Tech A17 Pro chip.

And the top models are first-time devices with 10 Gbps transfer speeds that help you share your photos and videos instantly. PTA Tax and Custom Duty for iPhone

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iPhone 15 Pro Max price in Pakistan

The Apple device launched by the company has been introduced with a rich and varied range of advanced cameras, including a 48-megapixel camera that plays an important role in taking pictures in low-light conditions, and makes the picture pleasant.

And makes it beautiful due to which the image is made very beautiful and with good resolution. The price of Apple devices is very high not only in Pakistan but it is also very expensive all over the world because what is in high demand gets short due to which the price of these devices is very high.

And if you are buying an iPhone 15 mix from another country where inflation is low, then you will get it cheaper from there, but to use it in Pakistan, it’s customs tax and PT. You may have to pay a lot of money to register with A, which may be three times more than your mobile. Since inflation is very high in Pakistan, it can cost a lot of money to get iPhone PTA-proofed here. PTA Tax and Custom Duty for iPhone

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PTA Tax for iPhone 15 in Pakistan

iPhone 15On Passport – Rs107,300On CNIC – Rs130,700
iPhone 15 PlusOn Passport – Rs113,000On CNIC – Rs137,000
iPhone 15 ProOn Passport – Rs112,200On CNIC – Rs147,150
iPhone 15 Pro MaxOn Passport – Rs131,100On CNIC – Rs156,900

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