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Sehat Sahulat Program 8500 Online Registration Check 2024

Sehat Sahulat Program 8500 Online Registration Check 2024

Sehat Sahulat Program 8500 is commonly known as the Sehat Card. It is a health insurance program started by Pakistan’s government in 2019. This program provides healthcare services to poor people and sections of society.

Sehat Sahulat Program Eligibility

All families that are poor and are the national measure of poverty then they are eligible for the Sehat Sahulat Card. This program is also useful for people with eh transgender, disabilities, and members of the minority community.

The health card scheme is widely appreciated for this effort of the government of Pakistan which provides free healthcare services to all the society and poor people.

It has helped to improve access to healthcare services and reduce the financial burden on low-income people and families.

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Sehat Sahulat Program 8500 Online Registration Check 2024

Sehat Card Check Code Eligibility

There is the following procedure to check the Sehat Card eligibility online. You must have your Identity Card ID to check eligibility.

  • To open the message box, from your mobile phone.
  • Then write your ID card number 12345-0000000-0.
  • To send at Sehat Card Code 8500.

After sending the SMS to the 8500, you will receive a reply message about the eligibility or disqualification.

You must have a balance of Rs. 2.50 on your SIM then check your Sehat Card eligibility if you are qualifying then check the next step which you will follow it. Sehat Sahulat Program 8500:

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NADRA data for the National SEHAT CARD facility

  • Registration of the Nikah Nama for married men and women.
  • Enroll the children and the other families’ details in the B Form.
  • A house of those families should be linked with the head in the NADRA Record.

What is the procedure for admission to the hospital through the Sehat Sahulat Program?

With the Naya Pakistan Health Card Program, you must be given accessible treatment facilities under the Sehat Card Pakistan in case of admission to selected public or private hospitals.

A health card is not required for admission to the hospital. You can also use your CNIC card for healthcare in any case of admission to the hospital.

You can generate your health card by showing your Identity card CNIC at the health card counter of the hospital. Sehat Sahulat Program 8500:

BISP Contact Information

Telephone Number0800-26477, 051-9246326
AddressBenazir Income Support Program, Block F, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
Official BISP Websitebisp gov pk

Sehat Sahulat Program FAQ

Some useful and common questions can be people asked every time, it’s follow as:

What is the Sehat Sahulat Program?

The Sehat Sahulat Program is a government initiative in Pakistan that aims to provide health insurance coverage to the poor and vulnerable segments of society. It provides free medical treatment to enrolled families at designated hospitals and health facilities.

Who is eligible for the Sehat Sahulat Program?

The program targets families living below the poverty line, laborers, daily wage workers, orphans, and other socially marginalized groups. The eligibility criteria may vary slightly across provinces, so it’s best to check with the program authorities or visit their website for specific details.

How can I apply for the Sehat Sahulat Program?

To apply for the program, you need to visit the designated enrollment center in your area. You will be required to provide relevant documents, such as proof of income, family size, and address. The enrollment process may also involve a verification step to ensure the authenticity of the provided information.

What medical services are covered under the Sehat Sahulat Program?

The program covers a wide range of medical services, including hospitalization, surgeries, consultations, diagnostic tests, medicines, and emergency treatment. The exact coverage may vary, so it’s advisable to refer to the program guidelines or contact the program authorities for comprehensive information.

Are pre-existing conditions covered under the program?

Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered under the Sehat Sahulat Program. Once enrolled, all members of the family are eligible for the covered medical services, regardless of any pre-existing health conditions.

Which hospitals and health facilities are part of the program?

The program has a network of designated hospitals and healthcare providers across the country. These include public and private hospitals that meet the program’s criteria and are registered with the program authorities. You can obtain a list of the empaneled hospitals from the program’s website or by contacting the program helpline.

Is there any cost involved for beneficiaries?

No, enrolled families do not have to pay any premium or cost-sharing for the covered medical services. The program is designed to provide free healthcare to eligible beneficiaries.

Can I choose any hospital or doctor for treatment?

While the program has a network of designated hospitals and healthcare providers, beneficiaries have the freedom to choose any empaneled hospital or doctor within that network for their treatment. The choice of the specific healthcare provider may depend on the availability of services and facilities.

Can I add new family members to the program?

Yes, it is possible to add new family members to the program. You would need to provide the required documents and complete the enrollment process for the new members at the designated enrollment center.

How can I contact the Sehat Sahulat Program for further information?

You can contact the Sehat Sahulat Program helpline or visit their official website to obtain more information about the program, enrollment procedures, empaneled hospitals, and any other queries you may have. The specific contact details can be found on the program’s official communication channels.

Please note that while these FAQs provide general information, it’s always advisable to refer to official sources or consult the program authorities for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the Sehat Sahulat Program.

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