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Sila-e-Fun Program Registration Online New Update 2024

Sila-e-Fun Program Registration Online New Update 2024

The Government of Pakistan has created a Sila-e-Fun program for artists who are skilled in any work and are above 50 years of age. Punjab Social Protection Policy has identified income insecurity among the elderly and disabled as one of the challenges facing Punjab.

Under the ILO recommendations to the 202 (2022), the goal of social security is to make sure that all people over 65 have a basic income.

Pakistan is the only country in the group that does not have a social income plan for older people.

India, Bangladesh, and other regional countries began to create such the schemes in 1990s. So, if the state wants to care for the elderly, it must set up a cash transfer scheme for the elderly.

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Sila-e-Fun Program Online Registration

The Sila-e-Fun scheme is the Pakistani government scheme that sends money to people for no reason. The Punjab Social Protection Authority has started the award & Sila-e-Fun program in all 36 districts of Punjab.

Sila-e-Fun Program Registration Online New Update 2024

This has helped older artists who have been working in the field for more than 25 years.

It will benefit the older writers, artists, and journalists in need in Punjab who have worked in film, TV, literature, news, poetry, theater, drawing, music, and other fields.

Artists over 50 whose monthly income is less than Rs. 15,000 will get Rs. 5,000 each month.

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Purpose of Sila-e-Fun Program

The goal of the project is to improve the social and economic well-being of the people of the Punjab and artists who have worked hard but do not have much more money.

This Sila-e-Fun Program Online Registration New Update 2023 is especially for those people.

Artists in Punjab who are poor and do not have much more money need to improve their social activities by respectably helping people.

  • Help poor older people & artists in need more.
  • To help the poor old and needy artists in your social network get a little bit of the money, or “Nisar,”
  • 2034 artists who have deserved it have been helped by this move.


Being poor is not easy, especially when you are old. Although you were young, you were already a famous artist. Now a little older, maybe 50 years or more. You still have those great skills, but dealing with money might be harder now. The Sila E Fun Program will save you now.

Sila-e-Fun Program Eligibility Criteria

The program isn’t made for everyone, so there are certain things you need to do to be able to join. You could be a part of this program.

  • Artists who are 50 years old can join this program.
  • They should have worked in the field for at least 25 years.
  • Their pay each month should be less than $15,000.
  • They should have the number from the national ID card in Pakistan.
  • He is from the Punjab area.

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