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What is a Health Insaf Card And How to Apply Update 2024?

What is a Health Insaf Card And How to Apply 2024?

What is a Health Insaf Card And How to Apply 2023? Sehat Insaf Card is a health card that will provide free medical treatment facilities to the people of different districts of Punjab in specific hospitals of Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that national health cards will be distributed to all the deserving people of Punjab to provide them with health insurance and Rs 440 billion has been allocated for this purpose.

First of all, this is a very great initiative of the government and it is mostly benefiting the poor people of Pakistan who are barely managing their household expenses and when a member of the household falls ill and needs good treatment. If they have to go to the hospital, the whole month’s budget is disrupted, and they have to live under the burden of debt for many months.

Earlier, the program was started by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, but President Trump ended the project as soon as he came, due to which he is facing criticism today.

Now such welfare work is being introduced by the Pakistani government for its lower class. From this project, one and a half million families in Pakistan, i.e. if an average of six people per household is taken out, then this card can be useful for nine million people.

The insurance of this card will be from seven lakhs to nine lakhs, which means that a family of six people can get free treatment from seven to nine lakhs in a year not only from government hospitals but also from more than 150 private hospitals.

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National Health Card – Good News for Poor People

When there is no money in the pocket and your loved one is suffering from illness, then due to compulsion, one is forced to cry tears of blood. A sick person is in pain, but seeing him, the whole house also suffers.

This story is of every poor house in Pakistan. Where there is no money to eat bread, how can poor people buy expensive medicines? The Punjab government, realizing the pain of the poor people, issued the Health Insaf Card under the Health Facilitation Card.

After getting this card, every person can benefit from the facility of free treatment. Now your identity card is your health card. Through the health card, one can get free treatment up to one million rupees per year. It is possible to obtain treatment for the following diseases through the Pakistan National Health Card.

Cardiovascular complications related to diabetes, include accidental injuries, treatment of the nervous system, treatment of kidney disease and transplantation, treatment of cancer, and treatment of chronic diseases such as those requiring hospitalization. (Jaundice Hepatitis-B, Black Jaundice Hepatitis-C) Treatment of Thalassemia Pregnancy and Maternity Treatment. And other diseases can now be treated free of charge thanks to health.

No paperwork is required to get a health card. All public and private hospitals are registered on the health card. The health facility program does not include treatment in the outdoor / outpatient department.

The people benefiting from the health care facility say that we are thankful to Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi who understood the pain of the poor. It is a very great initiative of the government and it is mostly benefiting the poor section of Pakistan who are barely managing their household expenses.

67 lakh families in 24 districts are benefiting from the Sehat Insaf card. In this regard, if any shopkeeper is extorting money by pretending to apply, then people should report against him.

What is a Health Insaf Card And How to Apply Update 2024?

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How to Get a Health Justice Card?

  • Send your NIC number to 8500.
  • You will be notified if you are eligible for a Health Justice Card.

For this you don’t need to do any kind of registration and no recommendation is required NSER teams are conducting the survey, earlier this survey was done in 2012 now the same teams are conducting the survey again.

Its regular survey has already started, you don’t need to do anything, if the survey of your house is done, then it is not good, then soon the survey team will come to your house, and you will know the financial conditions of your house and later you will be given a card. will be issued.

The card may be delivered to your home and if not delivered, convenience centers will be opened in small towns and cities where you can collect your card.

One thing you have to remember is that fraud is a lot these days, you just have to give a valid answer to the NSER team’s question, any political recommendation in this scheme, or if any government employee tells you that If I can get it done by giving money, it will all be a lie. These cards will be absolutely free with no fees of any kind.

Use of Health Justice Card

What is Sehat Insaf card insurance how to use it and its procedure is that the government of Pakistan deposits two thousand rupees of insurance in the name of your family for secondary care within one year that does not threaten your life. But if you are sick like fever, etc. then your insurance will be from 60 thousand to 120 thousand.

A very important thing is that God forbid you have a disease that threatens your life, such as heart disease, TB, diabetes, kidney, brain operation, and besides road accidents, cancer, hepatitis C. The government of Pakistan has deposited an insurance of three to six lakh rupees per annum for you.

One thing you have to remember is not to think that if you don’t use this card then after a year you will get the money as cash. If you go to a government or private hospital where this card is valid, there will be a representative of this scheme sitting there who will check your ID card after looking at your card, and the medical expenses incurred there will be paid through this card. will

This scheme will be started from Islamabad first then FATA and after that, this card will be issued across the country. Earlier, this scheme has been running very successfully in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the last three years and now, God willing, it will be introduced in the whole of Pakistan.

If you or someone you know who is eligible call this helpline number and confirm with the survey team whether our registration has been done or when it will be done.

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In which Hospitals Will the Treatment Be Done?

With a Sahat Insaf card, you can get free treatment from many private and government hospitals. Following are some of them.

Christian Hospital, Mission Chowk High Street Sahiwal

  • Hameed Latif Hospital Garden Town Lahore
  • Imtiaz Hospital & Maternity Home, Opposite Mall Mandi Sahiwal
  • Rahat Surgical Hospital, Chichawatni
  • Shalimar Hospital, Harappa
  • Punjab Institute of Cardiology Jail Road Lahore
  • Farooq Hospital Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore
  • Sharif Medical City, Jati Umra Lahore
  • Akhtar Saeed Hospital Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore
  • Click on the link to get the complete list of hospitals.

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